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One-Trick Pony
Medium Beast, Typically Chaotic Evil
Armor Class11(natural armor)
Hit Points11(2d8 + 2)
Speed40 ft
Sensespassive Perception 10
Challenge1/8( 25 XP) Proficiency Bonus+2

Kick. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft, one target. Hit: 7 (2d4 + 2) bludgeoning damage.


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What's new

v2 Update: new logo, dice rolls

Tuesday, March 05 2024

Hello there,
Here's a quick update on the new version of Monstershuffler.

First of all, my wife and I are working on a new logo for the website. Check it out and let us know what you think!

A logo which is a cross between the letter M and a grinning evil face

The second update is DICE ROLLS! We're going to need them especially for the new combat manager tool I'm developing.

A preview of the new dice roll system
A preview of the new dice roll system


v2 Update: rebuilding the Stat Blocks

Wednesday, November 22 2023

Hello there,
It's finally time to rewrite the code that generates stat blocks!

One of the improvements you will see in this new version is the ability to change units of measurement, like switching between feet, "battle map squares", meters, etc. like in the image below.

The stat blocks with Speed shown in feet, squares, and meters

Do you need other units of measurement for length? As always, let me know in our subreddit.


v2 Update: the new NPC Generator #2

Sunday, November 3 2023

Hello there,
last week I wrote about the NPC Generator I'm developing for the new version of Monstershuffler, and the concept of generating NPC "cards" one can use to improvise during game sessions.

However, the process of manually selecting an NPC's traits through a form can take some time, potentially disrupting the flow of your narration and your players' immersion.

Another problem I had during my game sessions was switching between multiple NPCs in different scenarios, and I couldn't do it because I would keep forgetting their traits.

To address these two issues, I've come up with these possible solutions:

Prompt mode

Instead of navigating a form, you can type your choices directly into a text field and press Enter. You can type for instance:

            human barbarian cr 2

It takes you 5 seconds to write that, instead of the average 30 it would have took you if you had to find those keywords in the form.

Prompt mode recognizes the following keywords:

  • races, classes, and their variants (like subraces and class archetypes)
  • backgrounds (formerly professions, like "guard" or "innkeeper")
  • pronouns ("male", "female", "nonbinary") for character descriptions
  • alignments (e.g., "lawful", "evil")
  • - challenge rating (e.g., "cr 2")

NPC 'bits'

Clicking on an NPC card does two things:

  • you'll be able to see their stat block and possibly their backstory
  • you'll add the NPC to a list on the page, as a 'bit'—a mini-card that reveals the full NPC card upon hover. This allows for quick character switches, enhancing narrative immersion.

Here's an image of the Prompt mode and NPC bits in action:

The new NPC Generator's Prompt mode and NPC bits

Do you think this will be enough to reliably generate NPCs during your game sessions? Are there any other features you might find useful that we could add? Let me know in our subreddit.


v2 Update: the new NPC Generator #1

Friday, October 27 2023

Greetings World Builders,
I'm thrilled to unveil a sneak peek of the enhanced NPC (Non Player Characters) Generator for Monstershuffler v2.

In my ongoing mission to better serve the Dungeon Masters out there (including myself) who rely on such tools to improvise during game sessions, I've introduced a few key changes that I hope you'll love.
The first thing you'll notice from the images below is that, in this new version, the "Generate" button now creates 4 NPC cards, or previews, instead of the single stat block of the earlier versions. Dungeon Masters can then choose the NPC that resonates with them, and a new section will appear with the NPC's dynamic stat block as usual, plus an AI-generated backstory (more on this on the next updates).

The new NPC Generator's 'Form mode' generates 4 npc 'cards', or previews.

Each NPC card offers a glimpse into the essence of the character:

  • a compelling 'story hook'
  • age and alignment
  • a distinctive personality trait
  • last but not least, a voice sample

The voice sample is just a piece of audio taken from a very famous movie, tv series, etc., presenting you with a tonal reference from acclaimed performances. Who can forget Arnold Schwarzenegger's unmistakable intonation in The Terminator? Adopting such recognizable vocal quirks can empower DMs to roleplay freshly generated characters with ease and authenticity. By pairing this voice reference with the other traits, DMs can render NPCs that are both engaging and memorable.

An example of an NPC card/preview.

With these new features, my hope is that Dungeon Masters will surprise and captivate their players with a diverse cast of characters, all conjured in mere seconds.



Thursday, 6 July 2023

As you may have read already, I'm slowly rebuilding the website in my free time during the weekends. It's going to take a while, but it's a wonderful opportunity to improve what's already present in the current version and add new features.

Those of you who have been using the website for a while probably have a few ideas on how to improve it. Maybe there's a feature or a super cool idea you'd like to see implemented, or maybe you've simply found a stinky bug that needs to be fixed.

You can share your ideas and suggestions in our subreddit or, if you're not a redditor, by sending me an email at info@monstershuffler.com.

A couple more weeks and I should be able to post more "visual stuff" about the new version of the website, since I've been mostly working on boring database and server stuff so far.

Keep challenging your players and make their characters suffer as usual, and see you soon!