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One-Trick Pony
Medium Beast, Typically Chaotic Evil
Armor Class11(natural armor)
Hit Points11(2d8 + 2)
Speed40 ft
Sensespassive Perception 10
Challenge1/8( 25 XP) Proficiency Bonus+2

Kick. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft, one target. Hit: 7 (2d4 + 2) bludgeoning damage.


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Thursday, 6 July 2023

As you may have read already, I'm slowly rebuilding the website in my free time during the weekends. It's going to take a while, but it's a wonderful opportunity to improve what's already present in the current version and add new features.

Those of you who have been using the website for a while probably have a few ideas on how to improve it. Maybe there's a feature or a super cool idea you'd like to see implemented, or maybe you've simply found a stinky bug that needs to be fixed.

You can share your ideas and suggestions in our subreddit or, if you're not a redditor, by sending me an email at info@monstershuffler.com.

A couple more weeks and I should be able to post more "visual stuff" about the new version of the website, since I've been mostly working on boring database and server stuff so far.

Keep challenging your players and make their characters suffer as usual, and see you soon!


Saved actions, subscriptions removed, and the future of this project

Sunday, 2 October 2022

After a few months during which I went on vacation, got covid, found a new job and learned new programming skills, I'm finally updating the website and giving you some great news.

First of all: it is now possible to save creatures' actions as templates and reuse them for other creatures. Most of the actions of the SRD monsters uploaded in the previous months are already available as templates, which is super cool because they're almost all dynamic (they have [tags] and {variables} in them, so they should adapt and scale in power to the monsters you add them to).

I also decided to remove all "paywalls", which means that all features inside the website are now free for everyone. All users can now:

A huge thanks goes to everyone who supported the website with subscriptions in the last 4 months: you've given me so much inspiration and courage, and I'll do all I can to keep this project alive.

If you still want to support Monstershuffler, you can do it through Patreon.

Last but not least... there's something I should tell about how this project was built, something an expert eye could tell from its weird looking components and its quirky buttons: it was made entirely in pure JavaScript, pure CSS, and HTML.
I didn't know much about JavaScript Frameworks when I started working on Monstershuffler in November 2021, and now that I've been using them for a few months, building new features in pure JavaScript has become torture, an excruciating experience that worsens every time I realize how much time I'm wasting. The project is getting too complex and difficult to maintain, and drastic measures must be taken to ensure its survival.

This is why I've decided to rebuild the whole website using a JavaScript framework, and make it open source so that hopefully, in the future, other developers can help me improve it. I've been using Vue.js at work, and it's what I'm probably going to use to rebuild Monstershuffler.com.


Creature Export: Improved-Initiative & Markdown text

Thursday, 23 June 2022

The new Options menu which include two new export options

It's now possible to export monsters and NPCs from Monstershuffler to other sources. You can convert any stat block into the Markdown format of GMBinder and Homebrewery, and you can also generate the JSON format of Improved-Initiative.com to add new creatures to that website and manage combat rounds.

The Markdown format is especially useful since other developers have already created tools that let you import that format into other platforms like VTT-Foundry. Check out this tool by Hadalonut for instance:

VTT Foundry-Markdown-Importer

We're looking for other export options that the community might need, and we're open to suggestions!


Creature Import: Markdown text

Friday, 17 June 2022

Our third choice for importing creatures, the Markdown text format of GMBinder, Homebrewery and TetraCube, is now available in Your Creations.

I must admit that I couldn't find sources of Markdown text other than TetraCube, so wasn't able to test this import as thoroughly as I wanted to. If you're having problems with it let me know in our subreddit.


Creature Import: dndbeyond.com

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

We've added another import option, this time from D&D Beyond. If you want to use it, click on the Import button in Your Creations and paste the webpage URL of an official or homebrew creature from D&D Beyond, like this one:


As always, give it a try and let us know if you found it useful.


Creature Import: improved-initiative.com

Wednesday, 08 June 2022

A new button is now available in Your Creations to import creatures

TL;DR: It is now possible to import monsters from improved-initiative.com! Check the new button in Your Creations.

We're working on ways to import creatures from other sources; we've identified three websites/formats that the D&D community might need most, and the first one we've developed is from improved-initiative.com, an awesome tool that helps hundreds of dungeon masters every day to keep track of combat turns; the guys at improved-initiative have worked hard to create a huge database of creatures from all the free-to-use sources they could find. Their format, JSON, is clean and reliable, and it's been relatively easy for me to convert it to Monstershuffler's format in the last two days.
The conversion is still far from perfect, though, since it doesn't create {values} and {attacks} inside actions yet; nevertheless it's going to save us a lot of time when we need to create variants of SRD or OGL creatures.

The other two websites/formats we'd love to import creatures from are dndbeyond and gmbinder(Markup format), and I'll probably work on that in the following weeks.

Give the new import a try and let us know if it works for you!


Creature Export: which formats do you need?

Wednesday, 01 June 2022

Are you the owner of a website, or app, that can import D&D creatures from other sources, or are you the user of such a website? We can easily create an export option inside Monstershuffler for that website if you give us the details of the file or text format. Send us a request via email or from our subreddit.

Monstershuffler.com is online!

Wednesday, 01 June 2022

Yayy! A big thanks to my girlfriend and all the friends who supported me during these months. Creating something so complex has been challenging, and at the same time so much fun. I'm now looking forward to hear what the D&D community has to say about this project. I hope that the tools I created will make Dungeon Mastering easier for all of you, and that your creativity will benefit from the freedom they give you. -Ismael